Must Do in Bali : Water Sport in Tanjung Benoa

One of the region in Bali which is always crowded is Tanjung Benoa in Nusa Dua. Along the street there are many many hotel and adventure company which is running exciting and fun water sport activities with great challenge. It offers variety and great seawater adventures such as banana boat, jet ski, paraceiling, turtle island tour with boat, flying fish, snorkeling and many more.

Tanjung Benoa is long white sandy beach located at Bali’s Peninsula, south part of the island and about 25 minutes drive from Bali airport. It is just a step from Nusa Dua, the luxury resorts area in Bali and will definitely easy to reach.




Parasailing :

this activity will bring you to the exciting experience by hook yourself in airborne for a second and you will get free to enjoy the amazing view of the island from the sky. Beautiful scenery of the sea water is easily found by flying like a bird with string more than 100 metres up make this acitivity really unforgettable memory in your life.

Below is some of our photos taken while we accompany Victor and his wife from Malaysia playing flying fish and parasailing. See how cool and challenging it is!

Beside parasailing there are also many other activities such as :


Snorkeling :

this activity is a fantastic marine activity to over view the beautiful panorama of coral, colorful fishes and other unique marines life. This adventure will bring you the exciting experience with professional snorkeling guide who guide you the right snorkeling spot point. It will take about one hour to explore and view beautiful underwater life which is completed by safety equipment.


Jet Ski :

riding a motorized sea vehicle will get different experience and the fresh sea breeze will swirl your hair. Fun riding on the blue sea water with the combination of jet drive power up to 700 cc and personal water craft will result pure excitement.


Water ski :

this activity is one of the exciting water sport activity by gliding on the seawater at Tanjung Benoa beach which is also famous. This adventure use water ski board and pulled by the power boat to explore the beautiful white sandy beach area.


Banana Boat :

gathering banana boat ride is the most enjoyable experience. It thrills for all and feels like kids over the ocean with blue seawater and big long soft marsmallow. It is a fantastic group game on the seater which bring you to the exciting experience on your vacation in Bali.


Flying Fish :

Flying fish is riding a flat rubber boat which is pulled by a speed boat. It flies to dash against the wind sweeping that it real fly on the seawater. It is a great adventure by flying like fish jumping on the seater with high boat speed.


Glass Bottom Boat :

the tour will use the glass bottom boat to explore the submarine of Benoa sea and stop for 15 minutes to observe the colorful fishes of under water and just sit down on the boat you can see many kinds of fishes from the bottom glass. The journey will look around the beautiful beach with daily local community activities.


Sea Walker :

this activity is an exciting dive activity using safety helmet supplied by free air flow making easily walk and do activities in the water by free breathing. This adventure will encourage you to dive within 5 to 10 meter and enjoy the beautiful ambiance of underwater and face to face with beautiful color of fishes and coral reefs. It will bring you the impression experience during your vacation in Bali to discover underwater live and interact with fishes which is accompanied by professional dive instructor.


If you interested to visit this destination, or want to add some of the other destinations around Nusa Dua area, you can book our full day tour for approximately 8 to 10 hours trip – only for $45 (transport charge only). To book the tour you can just simply fill the below booking form.


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